About us

About Us

wood without worry

We wish to promote nationwide the circular economy and sustainability strategy of an Australian solution with building products made from Aussie iron ore tailings waste. These waste-based product ingredients arrive from Australia’s largest export sales of iron ore that have been building significant waste problems offshore. To accept back the by-products of our biggest export economy is an opportunity for Australia to be responsible leader in this field.

Our operation includes Australian foundation experience in mine resource industry, technology, and building construction solutions.

These reliable products are industrialised safe-waste composite based, with lower energy used to produce, and mass distribute. A non-intruding solution to the Australian environment, it can replace traditional hardwood and softwood Timber used for consumer products in their current outdoors application.

We offer best value, highest environmental guarantee, warranty, and our ongoing commitment of support to ensure the successful progression of Australian sustainability development goals.

Why Choose Us

We have 30 years factory experience behind us, with focus on sustainability.

Our environment mission, to accelerate Australian adoption of safe waste products.

>3 years of Australian product installed success, with iron ore tailings / waste ingredient. 

>20 Independent Hardware Stores sales of >5,000 pieces of 1st generation; now 2nd generation available.

Focused to design and deliver on Australian sustainability development goals.

How We Work

Continuous Improvement Customer Excellence