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Project Description

Camden Community Gardens, occupying the southeast section of the Camden Town Farm, is an exceptional place for local community gardeners’ involvement. Garden beds all shaped in the pattern of a platypus viewed from above, the site is rich in history, and importance. With the position of site close to river system, it dose experience flooding, and the timber used struggles to survive over time. By using steel C and H section posts with REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-planks, a replacement and improved compost bin system was deployed.

Project Challenge

Budget allowance for the right new products, and some local support on design, integrated with the existing community labour support on hand.

  • Local community labour readily available
  • Donation on RENARD WOOD planks provided
  • Steel posts sourced from local hardware teams
  • Prepare the area, align posts positions, and dig the holes
  • Position the steel posts with planks aligning the system
  • Let the quick set concrete cure and then add more planks

What We Did

Select best position for the composite bin system, knowing future flood scenarios, and clear the area. Align or local community support teams to help with physical deployment. Select the best material that is not only environmentally suitable but physically best long-lasting solution for the system.


Survival of 2022 floods, and system maintained all physical attributes and now the site is considering expending this design. Only water and dirt marks occurring from excessive flood waters, on the planks that do not mater, but considers colour planks certainly hide these stains v’s the non-painted ones.

Project Information

Community Gardens compost bin solution with, with REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-plank. Some planks painted and some not, demonstrating product reliability in material conditions for these solutions.

Previous system had rotted away, and a new deployment preferred to last much longer than the last.

Client: Steve
Location: Camden, NSW
Surface Area: 14 sqm
Year Completed: 2022
Value: $1,938
Architect: DIY

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