2000 MPP Fencing 2

Project Description

Type: Timber Sleeper under fence plinth replaced using the REYNARD WOOD 2000 Multi-Purpose-Plank product. Residential rental home in Southport QLD, up on a hill with sloping contour where side access section causing soil erosion problems. Solution to apply 2000 MPP that is cost effective and long lasting without the need of heavy lifting machinery like concrete. Owner of the residential rental property location had a small budget allowance, yet still consideration on longer lasting product lifecycle was of importance.

What We Did

Utilise new innovative wood technology, eliminating the use of Australian natural timber resources, and applied best practise under fence plinth as the REYNARD WOOD works the same as hard wood timber.

  • Planned and Measured the Area
  • Left a Drainage Gap on the side
  • Choose 2000 MPP REYNARD WOOD for UFP
  • Used level to ensure straight alignment
  • Screw the Colourbond fence system to 2000 MPP
  • Dug the earth so that the UFP fits perfect
  • Utilised same fencing system
  • Utilised existing wood tooling

Project Challenge

Sloping conditional environment, with high soil erosion to prevent between the backyard and front yard. Also security to enforce with super solid solution screwed to the existing fencing system.


Quick an easy fix for potential gap between front yard and rear yard of residential rental property. Minimum costs for the REYNARD WOOD sleeper, although 2000 MPP too short for the fence system, it did not matter in consideration of aligning the contour of the earth with fence system. Saving Australian tree use and delivering a longer life cycle of the solution.

Project Information

Under Fence Plinth used with REYNARD WOOD 2000 MPP, whereby is a stop gap until 2350 UFP arrived in Australia.

Gold Coast rental property, with alterations occurring and need to take down the side section fence for access. Original timber sleeper replaced with REYNARD WOOD plank.

Client: Chris
Location: Southport, QLD
Surface Area: 0.3 sqm
Year Completed: 2023
Value: $39
Architect: DIY

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