2000 MPP Flooring 2

Project Description

Retro-fit flooring for jetty in winery estate dam that was built less than 5 years ago. The top deck timber had deteriorated in the last 5 years, and rather wait to perform full replacement. The opportunity to perform OTT (Over The Top), solution with REYNARD WOOD planks now as preventative maintenance, as the planks protect the prior investment and ensure long lasting.

Project Challenge

To fix the flooring to the deck, the fasteners required fixing from underneath, as the top deck timber was significantly deteriorated not enabling top-down fastening.

  • Rot fungus developed causing timber deck rot
  • To restore simply add OTT (Over The Top) planks
  • Either remain constant maintenance or retrofit
  • Use hot-dipped galvanized or stainless fasteners
  • Severe restoration will be required if not delt with
  • Paint the planks to the colour

What We Did

Simply lay REYNARD WOOD top deck flooring product, Multi Purpose Plank, and fastened from the bottom on each side of each plank.


5-year top deck flooring deck life span to 50 years longest lasting solution. Existing investment saved, and further costs to replace in the near term.

Project Information

Approx. 50 Multi-Purpose-Planks directly fastened to the existing top deck timber, via underneath screw method. Work completed within 6 hours with two (2) people involved, but not necessary. The REYNARD WOOD planks protect the prior investment and ensure longest life cycle of the top deck now.

Client: Mark
Location: Mittagong NSW
Surface Area: 16 sqm
Year Completed: 2020
Value: $2,500
Architect: DIY
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