2000 MPP Flooring 3

Project Description

Boardwalk Deck solution for backyard problem of overgrown vegetation, that had been restricting access to rear studio shed. DIY handman, hired local neighbour teenagers to help transport over 3.5 tonne of REYNARD WOOD planks from front of house to back yard. From there simple railway line style tracks laid direct to ground with some block pavers as support at joins to enable cost effective subflooring. Then planks laid on top and counter screwed top down, enabling a full boardwalk assembled solution.

Project Challenge

Heavy duty plank product to transport to rear property section, however with local neighbour hires with a wheelbarrow, the problem was solved. Each plank was 20Kg, with 180 units was over 3.6 tonne to relocate to rear property boundary.

  • Start by remove existing grass, and vegetation
  • Cut the top deck planks for the walking surface to design
  • Lay out landscape fabric to stop future regrowth
  • Screw top down using counter screws evenly spaced
  • Position subfloor planks and level with gravel
  • Paint to a colour preferred using paving type paint

What We Did

All weather access to the rear property boundary fence line with decking boardwalk installed direct to ground, only with REYNARD WOOD multi purpose plank material.


Direct to ground boardwalk solution, enable clean footing and defence to ever over growing area that effected access to the rear studio shed. Ongoing garden maintence no more and a nice clean pedestrian pathway all along the rear boundary fence line.

Project Information

Backyard Boardwalk, with REYNARD WOOD multi purpose plank for subflooring as well as the top boardwalk flooring.

Overgrown back fence line causing homeowner much maintenance to reach backyard studio shed. Solution to apply heavy duty product for long term pedestrian access.

Client: Daniel
Location: Belrose NSW
Surface Area: 54 sqm
Year Completed: 2022
Value: $1,900
Architect: DIY
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