2000 MPP Retaining 1

Project Description

Concrete Sleeper retaining wall system with steel H posts to support the backyard soil bed to create greater levelled space on a sloping housing block. Posts are one of the most important considerations for strength with a retaining wall, and preferences comes down to both the installer, the weight of the post and cost. Here REYNARD WOOD, Multi Purpose Plank, yet more than 55% lighter than concrete, possess the strength of concrete sleeper design with additional safety inclusion internal Bamboo reinforcement.

Project Challenge

Weather conditions and Limited Space for side access to the rear back yard, whereby the lightweight REYNARD WOOD planks being at least 55% less weight than concrete sleepers became ideal to hand carry at 20Kg per unit and with a wheel burrow to transport.

  • Establish retaining wall requirements
  • Measure twice, cut only once
  • Digging footing depth @ 450mm diameter
  • Secure and Build, placing posts
  • Pour concrete into holes and level then brace
  • Install first sleeper and check alignment

What We Did

Created a complete rear yard retaining wall with central staircase using H posts with REYNARD WOOD multi purpose plank. Concreting, underneath drainage solution, soil relocation and waste removal from cut planks, with re-planting of substantial and non-substantial plants.


Sustainable landscape rear yard for high end property location overlooking the Pacific Ocean high up on the hill of a sloping housing block. The new homeowner believed in the importance of creating a sustainable landscape solution that provides enjoyment.

Project Information

Brand new homeowner project within a high-end development at Catherine Hill Bay overlooking Pacific Ocean. Sloped block with backyard engineered retaining wall for more level space. REYNARD WOOD Multi-Purpose Plank utilised as complete back yard retaining solution with standard H posts.

Client: Josh
Location: Catherine Hill Bay NSW
Surface Area: 42 sqm
Year Completed: 2021
Value: $15,000
Architect: Josh
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