2000 MPP Retaining 3

Project Description

Multi-level retaining solution replacing the rotted timber sleepers that previously maintained the garden beds the past ten years. Use of a long level to ensure all REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-plank sleepers are same height, and then simple installation procedure using remaining hardwood left over pieces for posts, all fastened together with standard screws. Some planks were cut using standard tungsten blade, so that the design matched that of the original placement of timber sleepers.

Project Challenge

DIY – heavy physical landscape work in digging and removing the rotted timber sleeper solution, and salvaging as much of the original hardwood sleepers to use as the posts to provide a stage look of the solution between the old and new.

  • Plan the footing foundations and materials
  • Get all the right tools and supplies for the project
  • Measure and mark out the post locations to dig
  • Install the old hardwood sleepers cut down for posts
  • Lay the REYNARD WOOD multi purpose planks
  • Cut to size to the landscape layout originally installed

What We Did

DYI – group of local neighbourhood team, to coordinate skill sets to accomplish a very straight forward mini-project, with afternoon/evening BBQ celebrations afterwards. Costs minimised, utilising what was salvageable of the rotted hardwood timber sleepers, as posts, borrowed wood tooling to measure, cut, drill, and screw solution in place with new REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-planks that are best value.


No new timber products used, with no labour costs just some good ole exercise and local community of friends bonding. Although re-used hardwood sleeper section used will rot again overtime, these are not concreted in. The responsibility taken to extend the life of what’s left salvageable was responsible action, and applying new products that will last 5x longer and from industrialised safe waste-based solutions shows a great example for sustainability best practise.

Project Information

Homeowner mini project with a team of local neighbourhood friends, adding improvement to front garden. A multi-level garden bed replacing rotted timber sleepers with REYNARD WOOD patent iron ore tailings waste planks, for direct replacements. Easy job with a little bit of late afternoon exercise time.

Client: Steve
Location: Ashmore, NSW
Surface Area: 9 sqm
Year Completed: 2022
Value: $1,231
Architect: DIY
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