2000 MPP Retaining 5

Project Description

Increased street appeal of property, that had only yucca plants lining the front facing windows to protect with west facing afternoon sunlight. Added plants made sense to invest further to level a garden bed to hold water and nutrients for these plants, with greater neighbourhood look. REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-plan used, and same depth holes for posts as the wall height every 2m as per plank length with minor hole depths for the intermediatory posts that can be easily dug by hand using a manual post hole digger. Laser level required, to ensure accuracy and professionalism demonstrated in the finish solution.

Project Challenge

Working on a slope with handling the planks and aligning the solution perfectly for maximum street appeal and property value improvement. Definitely important to hire trades people or person to ensure the design of such as solution that is street facing and elevated for all neighbourhood to see.

  • Digging holes on a slope, you must be careful
  • Allowance for space to screw from the inside hiding all screws
  • Accuracy on laser level, and marking out alignment
  • Corner posts that are joined, must ensure straightens
  • Cutting the tops and bevel edges to provide best finish
  • Add geo fab or not to stop any dirt colour appearing, depends on personal preference

What We Did

Marked out holes, and dug, with then the concrete filled positioning of cut REYNARD WOOD multi-purpose-planks for posts, and once quickly set the horizontal solution could be positioned and screwed into place. 2 trades persons utilised accelerated the timeline and ultimately perfected the outcome.


New front property look, improved well beyond the low investment spent in order to deliver a functional front garden bed for new plants.

Project Information

Front yard garden bed inclusion for bear sloped housing facade. Work completed within 6 hours with 2 trades people involved, that accelerated the process and accuracy in the professional solution alignment. The REYNARD WOOD planks only new product and concrete into ground. Each piece can be cut using standard wood tooling.

Client: Chris
Location: Southport, QLD
Surface Area: 10 sqm
Year Completed: 2022
Value: $2,127
Architect: DIY
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